Mooch’s Story

Mooch’s Story

I love my walks with Auntie Jo and my girlfriend Bliss! Auntie Jo takes me to all the places where the best sniffs are, she lets me run around like a crazy dog with my other friends – and she even lets me sit in the front seat of the car so that I can feel the wind in my hair! Then when I get home she gives me a treat and puts the light on for me so that I’m not sitting in the dark (I don’t like the dark!!). Once I got a bit excited and pulled her over to get to another dog (the other dog told me to do it!) she banged her head and I felt really bad, but I apologized and we’re cool now!!

Mooch’s Story with Premier Pet Butler

Auntie Jo is the best, I just don’t know why I don’t get to see her every day, it’s not fair!?

Our Story

Jo has been walking our Mooch for nearly a year now – and the difference we have noticed in him is amazing! He is no longer the grumpy unsociable boy that we had grown used to, Jo has managed to bring him right out of his shell – in fact he’s turned into something of an energetic ladies man, thanks to Jo’s companion Bliss (as the picture shows he really does love her!) and the other dogs which Jo has introduced him to.



Mooch enjoys his walks so much that he genuinely sulks at the weekends!

I work shifts and Jo is so accommodating to my ever changing short notice shift patterns, nothing is too much trouble for her. In the past with other dog walkers this has always proved to be an issue – inflexibility – but not for Jo.

Working for the police has probably made me more sceptical than most, and having a dog walker means putting trust in someone to not only look after your most prized possession (he’s a very spoilt dog!) but also to have access to your home – Jo is more than a trusted dog walker, she has become a trusted friend, one who I would recommend to anyone.